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Oswego Tool & Steel

Snow Removal Supplies

evolution Edges

Snow plow blades


Chemung Supply carries an extensive line of replacement cutting edges for all seasons. For Winter, we inventory abrasion-resistant steel, carbide steel and rubber cutting edges for all types of snow plow equipment. For Spring and Summer, we inventory replacement edges for most graders. We also stock or have immediate access to scarifier blades and related parts, bolt-on or weld-on edges for loaders, dozers and other earth-moving equipment.

  • Steel cutting edge
  • Carbide cutting edge
  • Rubber cutting edge

Contact us now for current stock or to request special service.
snow plow shoes

Plow Shoes

Chemung Supply offers a variety of seasonally-required, replaceable wear shoes for all types of trucks from pick-ups to 10-wheel plows. Our winter supplies inventory includes a full complement of steel, carbide and cast iron frame, moldboard and wing shoes.

  • Cast shoes
  • Ni-hard shoes
  • Steel shoes
  • Carbide

Contact us now for current stock or to request special service.
Pewag Chain


Tire Chain

A seasonal necessity, Chemung Supply provides a wide range of options, sizes and styles of chain.

  • Pewag
  • Squarelink chain
  • Columbus & Mckinnon chain

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